Whoever Heard of a Tornado in the Big City

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There was a potential tornado within New York City recently. The hurricane it originated in was effective enough to produce tornado circumstances, which put the city on watch and taking tornado safety measures.


New York City is not the place people first think about for a tornado. That is reserved for places like the plains of Texas or perhaps Oklahoma. Other areas that get tornados are throughout the southern part of the country and along what is fearfully called "tornado ally". The news shows and The Weather Channel are often showing stories of tornado damage and also occasionally have videos of actual tornados destroying garages and houses and businesses. In areas that have a lot of tornados, it is frequently more than just a broken garage door. If it is merely a garage door that has been broken, it may well not be a tornado causing the damage. Severe thunderstorms could cause large amounts of injury even with no tornado associated the storm.


Depending on where in New York City any tornado may well touchdown, presently there may well not be any garage doors broken by a tornado. A tornado that might touch down on Manhattan Island could cause huge amounts of injury, it is unlikely to come across very many garage doors deep in the city. A tornado coming down anywhere like Queens or Staten Island may not cause as much damage in general, yet may well damage a few garage doors. That is because these areas feature more individual homes, whereas the heart of the city mostly has apartment buildings with parking structure, not individual garages.


Weather itself could cause all sorts of harm to garage doors all over the country. Damage in many areas might be due to the tornados, while in other areas the damage might be caused by snowfall or severe weather or wind or sleet and ice. Because of the diverse weather conditions all over the country, the garage door needs are different everywhere. The storage door type used in Los Angeles is probably not the same type that would be utilized in New York City or even Boston or Philadelphia. If for no other reason than most people want their storage area door to complement the new style of the rest of the area they're living in. The garage doorways in places like Ontario or Fargo are probably not necessarily going to seem the same as the garage doors in places like Phoenix or North Park. Honolulu offers different types than Anchorage. But the variations are really just cosmetic because the basics for the garage door are going to be exactly the same no matter where in the country the structure is located.


The actual garage door is part of the presentation of the house to the world. New York is lucky the tornado could not have a lot of garages to wreck.

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Whoever Heard of a Tornado in the Big City

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This article was published on 2010/10/13
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