Preparing For Tornadoes

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Tornadoes have proven to be far more devestating than floods and other natual disasters, however, if fully prepared, their risk of harm could be reduced. Here are some advices for responsing to this condition.


If the area where you live experiences tornadoes you and the people you live with should develop an effective strategy. Pick a place where family members can assemble if a tornado jeopardizes your home. Some safe places may include a cellar, a hallway in the middle of your house, or even a closet on the lowest floor of the house. If you are caught in a high rise building and don’t have enough time to get to a lower floor move to a hallway in the middle of the building.


It is important to know what the individual storm weather warnings signify, and what you should do when you hear them.


A tornado watch entails that a tornado might occur in your vicinity. When a tornado watch is released, listen to local radio and tv stations for updates. Be aware of changing weather conditions. Blowing debris or the sound of an approaching tornado (similar to the sound of a freight train) may grab your attention.


When a tornado warning is made and you are already inside, move to the safe place you chose as part of your family tornado plan. Move away from windows, and as close to the middle of the house as possible. If you are outside the home when the warning is issued get inside as soon as possible. If you do not have sufficient time to get to your house, lie flat in a ditch, or low-lying area. If you are in an RV or car, leave the vehicle and head for a safe area, as mentioned above.


When the tornado passes, watch out for fallen power lines and stay out of the damaged area; also, listen to the radio for information and instructions; use a flashlight to inspect your home for damage; and, do not use candles at any time.


Members of The American Red Cross play a critical role in emergencies like tornadoes, both before and after the tornado has passed. Volunteers can provide you with valuable advice at any time regarding preparations for tornadoes, and afterwards they are very visible in recovery efforts. You can help The American Red Cross continue their important emergency work by donating a car or another type of vehicle. These donated vehicles can provide a satisfying profit when they are re-sold and will make a real difference in the case of an emergency.


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Preparing For Tornadoes

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This article was published on 2010/03/12