Living in place with tornado threats

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If you are moving to places with tornado alley, extra close attention the sky during the peak months for tonadoes to touch down. You can avoid being injured and other threats if a tornado watch is issed once a week.


Living or moving to one of the states included in tornado alley means paying extra close attention to the sky during the peak months for tornadoes to touch down. There are many things one can do to avoid being injured and even thrive if there is a tornado watch issued once a week or so in many of the states between early spring and late summer depending on which part of tornado alley you're in. The states that make up tornado alley are: Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.

If you are considering moving to one of the states in tornado alley be aware before hand what kind of disaster or preparation plan you should consider. It’s a good idea to research houses that are available which may have a storm shelter or if you are building a new house consider adding one somewhere close to your home on the property. Storm shelters are the safest place to be during a violent tornado. Keep in mind which state you are moving to because that has a bit of impact on which season the tornadoes are most likely to occur even though they can occur year round if conditions are favorable.

If the house you live in does not have a storm shelter consider which neighbor’s home you could go to in the event of a warning issued (which means that a tornado has been spotted in the area of you hear the sirens.) If there’s no one nearby and you don’t have a storm shelter, have a plan at the ready. Pick out a hall closet or the bathtub if there are no windows inside or go down to a basement. Be sure to bring something that can protect you from debris (the causes of most injuries during tornadoes.) It’s best to keep a first aid kit handy if caught in the middle of the storm. These can be easily obtained from the red cross and if you have pets, it’s a good idea to have some carriers in your in-case-of-emergency location.

Not everything about living in tornado alley is about tornadoes. Folks can enjoy outdoor activities any time of the year depending on what’s popular and doable during that season without having to cast a worried eye at the sky all the time. Most of the towns have a homey feel and people can rely on one another to lend a helping hand even during non emergency situation.


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Living in place with tornado threats

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This article was published on 2010/03/17