Defend Yourself With the Tornado Pepper Spray System

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How will you fight back against a violent attacker? Some people spend a ton of money on martial arts training. Others just carry around a can of pepper spray. Still others think it’s best to conceal a gun or knife. All of these will certainly help you fight back against an attacker, but some methods work better than others. Why not try a self defense devices that combines several tactics – giving you the best chance of success?

For those looking for a multipurpose self device product, Tornado Pepper Spray might just be the perfect choice. Combining several tactics into one, the Tornado uses strong 10% pepper spray with a 125dB personal alarm and blinding strobe light. These last two features knock out an assailant’s vision while alerting others in the surrounding area to call 911. And it’s all the size of a cell phone, so it’s very easy to conceal. You can’t beat that.

The great thing about the Tornado is its ease of use. Lightweight and quick at the draw, no one can react faster as you press the button that in less than one second releases eight 1-second bursts of standard pepper spray reaching up to 15 feet away. Meanwhile, the alarm creates ear-shattering noises, leaving no doubt that someone will hear of the danger. A bright strobe light illuminates the immediate area to help you see to fight back, while temporarily blinding your attacker. There’s even a built-in finger lock, letting you know that where it points will always be in the direction of your attacker—even when you’re scrambling or nervous.

Including a belt clip and lanyard, you’ll always know the Tornado is with you. After all, the most important aspect of any self defense tool is that you can carry it with you easily. It measures just 3 1/2” by 2 1/4”, so it'll fit easily into a pocket or even the smallest handbag. Requiring only two powerful CR2032 button batteries, which are included, you can rest assured that it’ll always be operational no matter how long you have it.

There are other useful variants of the Tornado that are designed with features specifically for home invasion situations as well, protecting your house from the worst calamities. These combine the quickness of pepper spray with the efficiency of a home alarm system.

In order to use the Tornado device, ush the yellow safety tab. This activates the strobe and alarm features. Often, this is enough to make any attacker turn and run. If you must use the pepper spray feature, push down the activation button while aiming at your attacker. As soon as it's safe to do so, move quickly away from the threat and call police.

The Tornado all-in-one personal defense system has features designed to be used at a second's notice, stopping an attack and helping you get away safely. If you're searching for a self defense device to provide maximum protection in a small package, take a look at the Tornado pepper spray defense system.

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Defend Yourself With the Tornado Pepper Spray System

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This article was published on 2010/12/23