3 Warning Steps a Tornado is Coming

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Tornado is known as a violently twisting column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground and capable in destroying just about anything with wind speeds of 250mph or even more.

There are several signs to watch out from the earth to determine when a tornado is coming.

Watch the sky. Usually tornado comes when the sky is black or green and this is cause by the buildup of water vapor in the air.

Listen to a local radio or TV station. The broadcast station will usually keep us update and warn us if there is a tornado coming.

Tornado usually follows right behind large storms so watch for wind speeds as it can be 60 miles per hour and then it stop. Usually the air will be still before the tornado hits. Tornadoes frequently accompany by tropical storms and hurricanes that move over land. Some even occur during the early stages of rapidly developing thunderstorms and is most common in Rocky Mountains and Western States.

You might also want to be prepared when a warning is given stating that a tornado is coming. You could be anywhere when it strikes - home, work, school, mall or in the car.

If you are at home, never go near windows or hide under them. An exploding window could kill or injure you. The safest place is the home basement but if you do not have one then go inside a room without windows or on the lowest floor. Cover yourself with blanket or sleeping bag or mattress and protect your head with anything at all. Get something sturdy such as a heavy table or sofa for added protection. Never hide or go near tall and heavy stuff such as pianos or fridge, which could fall on you.

Mobile homes are dangerous during tornado so never stay inside as it can turn over during strong winds. You could encourage your community of the place you live in to build a tornado shelter that could fit everyone.

If you are outside make sure to avoid trees, vehicles and protect your head with an object with your arms.

Long-span buildings are dangerous such as mall, theater or gymnasium as the roof could not stand with the heavy pressure of the wind and they simply collapse. Get to the lowest and stay away from windows, the best place would be the car park.

If you are sitting a wheelchair or lying on the bed, make sure you move away from windows and cover your head with your hands, and cover your whole body with blankets and pillows. When a warning is issue, make sure you develop a quick plan for your family, move everyone underground, stay away from windows, and leave the radio on.

If you live within the area of tornadoes make sure you have frequent drills, a NOAA Weather Radio with warning alarm tone and it is best to get a house with basement.

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3 Warning Steps a Tornado is Coming

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This article was published on 2010/04/18
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